Sneezums have followed government guidance for 'Working Safely During Coronavirus' and completed risk assessments to identify and implement controls to manage the risk of Covid-19 cross contamination and transmission.

The controls that we have implemented include:

  • We have taken all reasonable steps to maintain 2m or 1m plus with mitigation for social distancing, to include the wearing of face coverings and personal protective equipment.
  • We have put in place measures to limit the number of customers in our store and to include a one way system.
  • We have installed sneeze screens at our till points.
  • We have enhanced cleaning practices, hand washing and hygiene procedures to include hand sanitiser on entry and exit to the store.
  • We have procedures in place for the quarantining and/or cleaning of returned or handled products and reused packaging.
  • We have displayed signage to help ensure social distancing and hygiene standards are observed.